Best Choice

"Thank you so much for helping me to get the loan for the purchase of my new villa. Your team went above and beyond working with my financial planning and credit bureaus. You turned into hands-on personal assistant to help me, an older widowed woman and this was the first home purchased by myself. I will definitely refer you should the occasion arise."

- Mariann


Testimonials"I would like to share my immense gratification for the Lending Corporation team. They exceeded all of my expectations throughout the entire process of purchasing a home. They initially sold me on pursuing a mortgage by their courteous and delightful personalities. However, they continually impressed my family with their enthusiasm and genuine ability to relate to all of our needs. They effortlessly handled a 3 hour time zone difference and, when necessary, reached out to us via email, text or live voice even if it was into their early morning hours! They absolutely delivered what was promised with the most pleasant demeanor I have ever experienced.

Not only did they provide meticulously designed checklists, making our job easy, but they efficiently and expertly tracked all required documents. It was comforting to feel that our personal information was being handled with such responsibility and care. Words cannot describe how highly I think of this team. They changed my life. They changed the lives of my precious children and husband. They will forever have a special place in my heart and I hope that the efforts of their team do not go unnoticed. I will never forget their kindness and devotion and hope that anyone with banking or mortgage needs has the privilege to work with them. They are simply amazing. It is with much pleasure that I share my positive experience with their team members. If I may ever serve as a reference in any capacity, it would be an honor to do so."

- Melinda

Loan Approved "I simply cannot thank you and your team for the professionalism in securing my loan for a refinance for my home. You may not be aware that I had attempted to refinance my mortgage for several years unsuccessfully. As a small business owner, my financial 'numbers' did not show sufficient net revenue for the large banking institutions underwriting requirements. None of the larger banks, and not even my own bank, would factor in over 25 years of having never missed a mortgage payment. When we met you mentioned you had unique refinance programs to assist small business owners. You were true to your word in securing me my refinance. Your team throughout the process were very attentive and prompt, as well as patient while explaining any data that I missed along the process. I will gladly recommend your firm to my friends. Thank you again!"

- Jack